Another Sign?

hello_mktriopuSo the other day my mother’s favorite birds graced the tree in front of my kitchen window, making me feel like she was right there with me.

Last night I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Jeanne Foguth, and found out an interesting fact. My Dad and Hilary Rodham Clinton’s Dad had the same middle name – Ellsworth.

Now, being a Canadian means I don’t have to comment on whether or not I think this is a good thing or not LOL! I do know that my Dad hated the name. It was the middle name of my great grandfather as well. He came to Canada from Quincy, MA when he was 18.

I did a little checking and both Hilary’s and my ancestry through our Dads came from the United Kingdom where the name Ellsworth was quite common for last names and places. Do I think we are related? No, I highly doubt it.

But coming just a few days after the birdy tribute to my Mom, this little nod to my Dad warmed my heart.



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