Confirmation And Feel Good Stories

plainspeechYou know that phenomenon where you never see something until you get it and then you see hundreds like it? It could be a car, a  hairstyle, a piece of clothing. Well, you get the idea.

For me, it isn’t a purchase as much as an idea. And it isn’t copying me, but more fueling the thought that I am on the right track.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have started work on a project I have had in my head for a little while now. I am creating a website that will try to bring invisible illness out into the open and provide information for both those who have these illnesses and those who want/need to understand them.

I have much of the framework up; however, am not at a point to unveil it yet. But I thought I would start talking about it here. I want to use testimonies of people with various chronic/invisible illnesses and news stories, medical information and anything that bridges the gap that now exists.

So, tonight I saw on the local news two reports that just made me smile from ear to ear. I had asked God for confirmation that I was on the right track after working for two days on a technical matter that has stalled my progress. I believe these stories were my answer.

Students at Vernon high school encouraged to talk mental health

A Vernon high school has become the first in British Columbia to join a national initiative aimed at starting conversations about mental health and ultimately preventing suicides.

via Students at Vernon high school encouraged to talk mental health —

Workers with Autism making new inroads within the tech sector

The founder of a Vancouver IT company has tapped into an unknown source of high-quality consultants, all performing at the top of their game, all with autism. Catherine Urquhart explains. (Click link below for video)

Would I have paid attention to these stories if I wasn’t involved with spreading the word about chronic/invisible challenges? Oh, I am sure I would have. It is just nice to know that things are moving in the right direction!


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