You Can Go Home…

Okay, I guess it is time I did some actual writing instead of featuring everyone else! I could give excuses like I have been depressed the last several days, or I am busy cleaning and packing, or my pain levels have been very high, or I just have writer's block, but I won't. I will …


Reblog – Dear Readers & New Followers

This is a must-read for loyal followers – is this happening to you? For those of you who just follow for a follow, you should read Irene’s post as well.




Sunrise in a cloudy morning in October in Spain

Dear Readers & New Followers

For my readers, I will ask you a favor; I have experienced to get into WP’s spam jail in several cases in the last week, which I don’t understand, I use to write personal comments, also to avoid this jail. Will you kindly check out your spam mail and assure to free me from this jail, if you also find me in there? I appreciate my freedom so very much 🙂

For new readers, I have some advice, if you wish to get new readers and followers; Visit a lot of blogs, like and comment at posts before you just decide to follow a new blog. What I see, when you just become a new follower of my blog, without even have liked one single post, you just wish me to follow back, which I will…

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