You Can Go Home…

Okay, I guess it is time I did some actual writing instead of featuring everyone else!

I could give excuses like I have been depressed the last several days, or I am busy cleaning and packing, or my pain levels have been very high, or I just have writer’s block, but I won’t. I will just say let’s get on with it!

I went to my reunion on Saturday and it was fabulous. So many people remembered me (and I remembered half of them as my “remembery” isn’t working very well anymore). Terry Fox was definitely there in spirit. I shared about my yearbook being stolen and returned 40 years later because someone spotted Terry’s name on the inside cover amongst a sea of other signatures. Everyone liked the story.

Doug Alward was there (real name). Doug was a great friend of mine and best friend of Terry’s. I told him about the last time I saw him. Without mentioning a date or year I said that he walked into my Dad’s drugstore where I was working. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time and I asked what he was up to. He said in his shy humble way, “Oh, I am planning to go across Canada with a friend.” It was busy so I said that was really great and he was gone. That trip across the country was Terry’s Marathon of Hope, but I didn’t know that until a friend sent me a tiny news clipping about Terry and Doug traveling east to start. He still works with the Terry Fox Foundation to this day and spoke to us how Terry had hoped to raise $1million for Cancer research. Even before he passed away he had reached that goal many times over.

I felt free to just be myself. Many people asked about my cane and I gave them the Coles Notes version, but a few wanted to know more and were interested in my blog.

I also found out an interesting fact from grade 7. In those days elementary school went to grade 7 and we had a “graduation party”. My Mom made me a beautiful long navy and white long shirt dress and helped me with my hair. I felt awkward but pretty.

When it came time to dance I sat on one of the benches against the wall of the gym, knowing that I would not be asked. Then, one of the boys came straight up to me and asked me to dance. I was so surprised and happy I almost tripped on my dress getting up. But I realized we were the first ones to the dancefloor and figured something was up. I had many pranks pulled on me to make me feel like I was popular only to find out the truth.

He told me that yes, he was the one who lost and had to ask me but that I was a good dancer and he was glad he did. We only danced two songs but it was great even though in my heart it was bittersweet.

Well, someone at the reunion told me that it was actually the GIRLS who set it up. They would not dance unless someone asked me to dance first! They were doing it FOR me, not to ridicule me. I went through all these years thinking it was just another prank from the boys, but now I know the truth I realize these girls, now women, always had my back.

Would my life have been different if I had stayed on the coast for grade 12? I am now thinking more than before that it might have been. I was running from home troubles and what I thought was problems at school…maybe my depression and bipolar would have been diagnosed a lot earlier had I stayed.

But then again, in those days it was harder to diagnose than even in the 90’s when I was first told I had depression, OCD and bipolar. Now a diagnosis is much easier to come by.

By 9:30 pm I was exhausted and in pain so it was time to leave. I said my goodbyes to as many as I could find and thanks to the organizers for including TB and me. Then, came the barrage of FaceBook friend requests back and forth.

And once we were in the van traveling home, I was back in 2016. It was nice to relive 1976 even for a few hours.



14 Replies to “You Can Go Home…”

  1. What a reunion! Thanks for sharing…

    I gotta say, every time you mention Terry Foxe’s marathon, it gives me goosebumps. I was too young to be aware of the marathon when it happened, but it always was such an inspirational figure for me. To “know” someone who actually knew Terry makes him “more real” if it even makes sense…

    I was all “awws” reading about the first dance story 🙂 And you are right, your life probably would have been a lot different if you hadn’t moved, but in that case, you probably wouldn’t have this blog now, and we wouldn’t have had the chance to read this post 🙂

    Have a great evening 🙂

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  2. Sounds like you had a good time…got some answers to long lost questions….. but always nice to come back to reality…..glad you went and had fun…hope your enjoying the coming of winter and all the changes the fall season brings with it…..kat

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    1. Thanks, Kat. I am enjoying the fall colors; however I am not looking forward to the rain and wind storm predicted for tonight. Not like the hurricaine, but not pleasant either.


      1. I can only wish I was hearing rain on the windows…I don’t like the cold weather either for my joints, but I am a winter lover for sure….nothing like rain, wind and a pot of chili on the stove and bread baking in the oven…LOL stay stay my friend…kat

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      2. You have me hungry my dear! That is one of my favourite fall meals! I have some meat to grind up so maybe I will chunk it instead and make chili in the slow cooker. I have given up making homemade bread since we both had to go gluten free. I get this wonderful potato flax bread from a nearby bakery that you would swear was made with normal gluten flour. But I freeze it fresh so while I won’t have that oven smell, we will still have fresh buttered bread to sop up that chili! Yum! Yes, I do not mind rain (though my body hates it like you) and I love watching the snow but not walking in it.


      3. Good Morning….yes I love cooking in the slow cooker…makes yummy meals….you should look into cooking with flax flour….I don’t make fresh bread because all I do is eat it as soon as its out of the love…LOL I went to a PowWow years ago and now I fry it before it ever gets to the oven…LOL nothing like fry bread…lol wish they were calorie free…LOL have a fantastic weekend my friend….xxkat


      4. I do use flax flour and I make all sorts of other baking. It is just that this bread is so good there is no point making my own! The guy is so secretive about his recipe that he hurt his back and can’t run his bakery anymore but he goes in every day at 4 am to make the dough but has another baker doing everything else! LOL. I love fry bread! We had a border a few years ago and he asked if I could make it. Once I did it was a common thing while he was with us. I can stand a little gluten so I was able to enjoy some. I don’t make it any more because it is too tempting! You have a great weekend as well sweetie!


      5. I am on board if you find something that tastes as good as what you can make yourself….and can by it already made….whoooo hoooooo I agree….fry bread is stuck on my mind…LOL I may have to make a small batch..I have some yeast that needs to be used and I can make my husband rolls….kat

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