We All Need a “Thunder-Shirt” Now & Then

vithundershirtToday is what Winnie the Pooh would call a blustery day. The wind and rain are quite heavy and it is supposed to be that way all of today and maybe into the weekend.

This morning the power went out for all of about 30 seconds; however, it was enough to set off a couple of the UPS’s (uninterruptible power supplies) which started beeping in the office.

Violet is the biggest “fraidy-dog” I have ever seen in my life. Most dogs shake when they hear thunder or firecrackers. With Violet, it is much worse than that. She starts shaking when she sees hubby going under a desk because she is afraid that big black thing is going to start beeping. And when they do go on, no matter how fast we reset them she won’t leave our side and shakes uncontrollably for a long time after. This also applies to medical shows where there are a lot of beeping machines or any other shrill noise.

A few years ago I asked about the “Thunder-Shirts” sold at our pet store. It is made of jersey material which allows for gentle stretch and a snug fit. They are made for dogs who have problems with noise or anything that makes them afraid and shaky. We were told that they work for some dogs and not others. But we decided we had nothing to lose so we bought one.

It has been a real blessing. We get it on as soon as possible and while it doesn’t stop the shakes right away, you can tell she feels a little more comfortable. The idea is that it wraps them up and makes them feel safer.

To come to think about it, is it really different to a security blanket, a teddy bear, a hug from a loved one?

I think music is my thunder-shirt. When I am nervous, afraid or just feeling lousy (pain, depression, etc.), I either turn on some music or sing inside my head. Believe me, no one wants to hear me sing for real! We  have a channel on the TV that is just pictures and videos of everything – animals, scenery, cars, you name it. Sometimes the sounds of the video are heard (water, people), and the still images are usually accompanied by instrumental music.

I will also curl up in bed with Violet and Monkey often joining me. Or, I will use my recliner chair with my favorite blanket.

However, the most powerful thunder-shirt of all is God. When it feels like my biggest fears are coming true, I just take refuge in his arms and I feel his comforting snug fit, just like Violet in her gray shirt.




8 Replies to “We All Need a “Thunder-Shirt” Now & Then”

  1. I’m laughing because have you seen the video of the cat that plays dead when they put a thunder shirt on it? You must find it if you haven’t. I am glad you’ve had success. We had a huge German Shepard that would climb into our laps during thunder storms.

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    1. Yes, I have seen that video. There is also one of a cat that plays dead when they put a harness and leash on it and the name of that cat is Monkey, same as our cat! LOL. Violet used to try and be a lap dog but not since her hips have gotten worse.

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  2. God definitely IS the best “Thunder Shirt!” Thank you for the huge smile I have on my face right now! James thinks the Thunder Shirts are a gimmick and don’t work, but I know one other person who said they work for her dog. Cubbie didn’t like being outside when there was thunder, but as long as he was near us, he was fine. He wasn’t really a huggy dog. 🙂 He loved attention, but he would slip out of a hug pretty quickly.

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    1. You can tell James that Violet doesn’t think it is a gimmick! I tried to take it off her a little while ago and she pulled away from me! I am glad I made you smile. Violet isn’t a huggy dog either, but she wants to be near you all the time.


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