Being Prepared

Warning: Talk about dying (not suicide)

Today I found out that a dear lady from a cooking community I have belonged to for almost ten years passed away. I rarely make it over there anymore but was PM’d and went to pay my respects.

The one quality that stood out in this lady was compassion. She was always wondering what was going on with someone if they hadn’t checked in for awhile. She would PM me often just to make sure I was okay when I wasn’t around.

This got me thinking.

In this day and age of cyber friendships and multiple social communities that may or may not have people overlapping, how do we find out when someone we know passes away. The family isn’t in any shape to try and remember all the people they need to inform. But at the same time, there are probably a lot of people all over the world (in my case for sure) that would want to know.

I discussed this with hubby and he said he would put it on Facebook and hope that people from there would pass the news on.

  • Would that get to all my groups? Probably all the FB ones
  • Would that get to the Cooking Community? Even though my attendance there is rare, there are a lot of people who would want to know.
  • Would there be someone on FB that could get the news to my WP community (all of you)?
  • There are some people that I am only in contact with by email. How would they find out?

I am not trying to be morbid here, planning my own passing. I am just thinking out  loud again. Considering I am a chronic sufferer, I really depend on my cyber life and I would want to know when someone else passed for whatever reason. So, naturally, I think I should prepare an easy way for those people who might miss me to find out.

Now, here’s to this not being needed for many many years to come!


2 Replies to “Being Prepared”

  1. Even though he hates it, I sometimes have those same types of conversations with James. Today I said that if either of us were ever to get Alzheimers’ I would rather it be me, for two reasons. The first is, I would be spared watching him deteriorate (but wouldn’t wish that on him either, of course). The second reason is his size and strength. I would worry that he would hurt someone. He said he wouldn’t, but as I told him, the James we know wouldn’t be there, and he would go through periods of frustration and anger. I pray neither of us ever has to deal with this.

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