Reblog – Two Years – Yikes!

It is so good to see my dear friend and sister blogging again! Please give Barbara a read!

Barbara's Brainy Blurbs & Blatherings

I had kind of given up on writing in my blog, as I never seemed to have anything to say. I have been inspired by my friend Lydia to start again. Not that I suddenly have anything to say, but you never know when something worth saying will pop into my head!

Unless something comes to mind later, my blog will still have no set theme. I always say I have a pinball machine brain, and this will reflect that. So as our pastor always says, buckle up! No telling where we will be going.

No guarantees that I will be any better about writing than I have been, but I am pinning my blog to the pages that automatically open when I open my browser. At least then it will be in my face! I tend to forget what I don’t see, so hopefully that will help.

I will…

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