Chronic Illness – What Makes You Happy?

listIn one of my chronic illness groups, we were asked to share what makes us happy despite our health struggles.

I was able to pick three things off the top of my head, and then a few more came after.

  1. My husband. I had my mental challenges when we met the first time; however, that was just a chance meeting (or so we thought). The next contact was after the physical problems started and by the time we actually became a couple and then married, it was all full blown. I gave him an out when he proposed but he said he could take whatever happened. Well, he wasn’t always ready, but nowadays he does his best to know my needs and to fulfill them. He also is very encouraging when things are good and compassionate when they aren’t.
  2. Being able to write again after so many years of not being able to concentrate or be creative. This blog and all the people I have met through it put great joy in my life. Being able to let the words flow through my fingers is a dream come true and even when I am writing about my pain, it doesn’t have that vice grip on me.
  3. Violet and Monkey. Violet has always been there anytime I needed a friend or a shoulder to cry on (she has been known to “cry” too). Those sad but beautiful eyes get me every time and I feel loved. Monkey is a cat and tries very hard to keep up to cat standards by being very independent and a loner. However, she too senses when I need attention and will come up for a pet and a meow, “Everything’s okay, Mom.”
  4. (now these are the new ones) This should be number one but I was just writing a quick short post in the group. Of course, it is The Lord Almighty. After all, He is the reason I keep going. Scripture says to find joy in trials and that is exactly what I do every day. He has allowed me to go through what I have so I can become stronger and help others. Helping others makes me happy.
  5. Going for my purposeful walks – with Violet, to take the recycling out, etc. Having a reason to walk helps me to actually get out and do it. Once I am out there walking I feel happy, especially when enjoying the beauty of the season.
  6. Getting in touch with friends and family. These days that is mostly on the internet or the phone; however, it is very important to keep in touch so I don’t feel isolated.

I could probably go on and on. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are in life, if you try, there is always happiness and joy to be found.



9 Replies to “Chronic Illness – What Makes You Happy?”

  1. We should all have a list like this one… I find it important to have my bucket list, to remind me of goals and give me a boost looking forward in life, but I certainly could use a list of what already brings joy to my life for the days when I feel not so very great…. Great inspiration, thank you Lydia

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