Reblog – The Rant I Promised You

I am reblogging this because it needs to be shared. Yes, there is foul language, and rage; however, in this case, they serve to get the message across. This post is eloquent in its raw truth and honesty. It shows why Jason’s blog is called “Harsh Reality” and he is justified in being an “Opinionated Man”. Comments are closed here, please go to the original post.

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HarsH ReaLiTy

Disclaimer: Language & Opinion

They say to never write in anger. They say “professional bloggers” leave passion at home. Well if anything this proves I am not a professional blogger and will probably never be a professional writer. I am writing this while angry.

This morning I shared this link about a South Korean that was adopted as a child, abandoned again, separated from his sister, and then was incarcerated as an illegal immigrant once he applied for a green card. I then made the mistake we as social media users should know not to make. I read the fucking comments in the yahoo article and my blood pressure soared to heights unknown. If there had been an app available for me to punch people through the internet in the balls I would have downloaded that shit immediately. Fuck humans can be stupid.

This comment really got me.



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