Reblog – Oliver & Nubia: Mmmm Donuts…

Nubia and Oliver are pros at testing new cat products – check out their latest review!


Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. 😀 The postman brought us an extra special parcel the other day!


Nubia: When it arrived it already has this sweet smell all around it…


Nubia: So I really couldn’t be bothered to wait for the hoomin to unpack it! MOL


Nubia: DONUTS!!! Sweet catnipped ones. ❤


Nubia: Stop taking photos and let me play with the Donut already pretty please. ❤


Oliver: *Sniff sniff*

Nubia: Oi! Those are MINE!


Oliver: There are two… I shall be taking this one! :p

Nubia: :”(


Nubia: *ROAR* Chew chew. Yummy!


Nubia: So tasty!


Nubia: Don’t you try to escape from me!


Nubia: *Crunch* Soooo yummy ❤

These lovely Donuts are handmade by Seeka Design and available in two colour choices in our online shop. And to commemorate the launch there is currently a 20% discount code available until the end of the month. (Drop ship items…

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