I Found A Good One!

medical2I went to see another in a long line of specialists today. This is another urologist (thankfully my old one retired). I was very nervous because most specialists and some ER doctors don’t treat me the best when they see my lists of diagnoses and medications.

But like the surgeon who removed my appendix, and I will be seeing in February regarding my hernia, this man was kind and compassionate.

He is very busy – known to triple and quadruple book patients so he can see more – but even though people were going in and out fairly regularly, when it was my turn I didn’t feel rushed at all.

He reread the results from the hospital regarding my last visit there with kidney pain. I had gone in wanting to make sure it wasn’t another stone or an infection but only came away frustrated by the way I was treated. Anyway, this new doctor said that my white cell counts were through the roof on those tests and he asked about other symptoms. He is sending me to redo all the tests and one new one. He took me seriously, listened to what I had to say about my conditions and why I am wary of doctors.

It is going to be another wait and see until all the tests are done and back; however, I really like this guy and so does hubby.

Oh yeah, I looked him up on YELP and on a local doctor site. The reviews for him were all favorable!



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