Two Friends, Two Hours, Two Pictures

Got your attention?

Well, it sure got mine when I went into my Facebook a few minutes ago and saw two posts by two friends from totally different parts of my life. They do have a connection through the Province of Saskatchewan, however.

Two hours ago I got a post on my timeline from a friend I have known for so long we actually act like sisters. She is one of four sisters I inherited when I became friends with someone I met in cheerleading tryouts during grade eight. We have all lived separate lives but I am still in touch with my friend and two of her sisters mainly through Facebook. Anyway, she found the old Collectors’ song “Lydia Purple” and posted it on my timeline knowing it is “my song”. If she had been here I would have hugged her. Oh, and her Dad was from Saskatchewan and knew my Uncle. (I was born in Saskatchewan, moved to BC when I was young and went back to Regina, the capital, for grade 12 and university).

Then an hour ago, I got a post on my timeline with a picture of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa with the Peace Tower lit up in purple. This came from a dear friend I met in Regina during that year I took grade 12. He now lives in Ottawa and we have reconnected through Facebook.

I am sensing a pattern here – I live a pretty sheltered life if all my highlights come from past friends through the internet LOL!!

Anyway, I am feeling very good after a great doctor’s appointment and these two, separate and random acts of purple. Oh, and both original posts that they shared from were posted six hours ago! (cue music from the Twilight Zone!)

Lydia um …Oh heck with it I have to do it just once …
Lydia Purple!

PS I have learned that the purple lights on the Peace Tower are for “Shine a Light”, a campaign for woman and girls who have suffered from abuse. On top of all the other references here, I did deal with abuse in my first marriage so I am doubly proud that the Canadian government has used purple tonight.


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