Music Monday – No Wé She is Only 17!

logo-the-voice-top-4Okay, I know it is Tuesday but at least I am getting something out – I haven’t done a music post in a long time!

If you are watching “The Voice” this season, you will know I am talking about Wé McDonald, a 17-year-old who talks in a child’s voice but when she sings her rich deep vocals turn heads.

Initially, it turned the heads (or more correctly the chairs) of all four coaches with Alisha Keys grabbing Wé in the Blind Auditions. After she finished singing and started to talk, everyone couldn’t believe it was coming out of the same mouth that just belted out Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” like a seasoned professional.

(If you aren’t watching “The Voice”, I suggest you stop reading for a moment, scroll down, and listen to the first of the two videos. Listen all the way through until she starts talking.)

She went through the battles, knockouts, and playoffs with total ease. Last night she took us to “church” with another astounding performance. Now this song is in no way a hymn or Gospel anthem; however, she sang it in a way that the words didn’t matter – she was taking us on a journey.

There are other great contestants, including Billy Gilman who had a country hit when he was around 10 years old with “One Voice”. and Courtney Harrell, who has written songs for the likes of Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson. In fact, the entire top 12 who performed last night are very strong singers. We will see tonight who gets eliminated. However, I am pretty sure it isn’t any of the ones I have mentioned.

I have included Wé’s blind audition and Top 12 performance from last night for your listening pleasure. If you listen to the whole audition you will hear her speaking voice as she talks to the coaches. It reminds me of Jim Neighbors who is best known for portraying Gomer Pyle on “The Andy Griffith Show”. He was an accomplished singer with an incredible voice!

Good luck Wé, on “The Voice” and in your career after because you will have one no matter what happens on the show!



7 Replies to “Music Monday – No Wé She is Only 17!”

      1. I love how all of the judges are kind. They don’t ever say a bad word to them, they are all encouraging and you can see the love the contestants have for each of the coaches which is really neat. I love the show.

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