“A Random Act of Christmas Kindness”

christmastreeThe blogosphere, and the world wide web in general, have opened up a whole new way of meeting people.

Through my blog, I have “met” and friended so many of you. And I have made contacts as well through blogging groups. I joined Chronic Illness Bloggers, where I met other bloggers who have similar circumstances as me. One of those people led me to another group “Invisible Illness Awareness Worldwide”.

And I can’t forget Twitter. I started following anyone who was dealing with any aspect of chronic health. There, is where I met Jess.

Jess Trigwell is a young woman from Hailsham in East Sussex, U.K. She is a wife and a very loving Mom of a young boy. Jess also has fibromyalgia – but like she says on her Twitter page, “It doesn’t have me.”

I will let Jess tell you in her own words the significance of this post’s title.

“Knowing myself how hard it is to provide during Christmas I decided that I want to do something for others.

“This year starting today running up until Christmas eve morning, I am starting something called, “A Random Act Of Christmas Kindness”. To help family’s, our older community, anyone in need of a random act of kindness this Christmas.

“So, I’m kindly asking you all, knowing just how generous us Hailsham folk can be, to donate toys, clothes, even money for items to be bought for those in need. People can contact me directly if you can or want to help in any way. No, I won’t be getting anything out of doing this. This is my act of kindness this year, to help those who get overlooked or don’t want to ask for help. Once all donations are gathered I will set up somewhere in

“Once all donations are gathered I will set up somewhere in Hailsham town center and give out the gifts As well I will be visiting our elderly in homes who are lonely this time of year to give them a gift, a small act of random kindness. I’ll also speak with food. so they can allocate to those in need to. Please help to make Hailsham just that bit happier this Christmas.”

I know that most of us don’t live in Hailsham. I have shared Jess’s story because it is so filled with the spirit of Christmas and of compassion for those in need. A young woman who has her own struggles is wanting to help others in her town so that everyone will be happier during the holidays.

What can we do? Well, there are a few things:

  1. Jess told me that if people who live elsewhere want to help out with her efforts, they still have time to send something.
  2. We can honour Jess by joining her in making the lives of those around us by doing a similar random act of Kindness in our own towns and cities. It may be one person/family or it could be for a large group – say a senior’s centre, a single parent group, etc.
  3. We can invite someone to dinner that we know who may be spending the holidays alone. I remember my sister and I often bringing some friend over who would stay for dinner (not just on holidays but that too!).

If you want to get in touch with Jess, you can let me know in the comments of this post or use my contact form to send me your email address. I will then get her in touch with you.

Thank you to all the Jess’s of the world for giving hope to others.




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    1. We have a group here called “The Christmas Bureau who for years have been helping families by matching them up with a corporate or individual sponsor. They meet the needs of the families by talking with them and then delivering gifts and food.

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