My Guardian Angels


I talk a lot about my fur-kids, Monkey (cat) and Violet (dog).

Because I stay in a lot they are my constant companions. After Hubby leaves for work in the afternoon I will often find them both in the bedroom, Violet on one of her two beds and Monkey at the end of ours  on Hubby’s side. They are all snuggled in for our nap.

When I am in the office on the computer Monkey will be perched at the window checking out the neighborhood and Violet will be either at my feet or beside my chair.

Violet keeps me on my toes for meals, treats and (weather and health permitting) the afternoon walk. Monkey often joins us on this one but she doesn’t go on the longer early walk with Hubby. Monkey will lay on top of me in bed to wake me to fill her dish. She also gets my attention if she doesn’t think her litter box is clean enough to use. She will meow to go outside but if I scoop she usually relents and goes in there.

They can become relentless with their demands but there is another side of them as well. Violet and I share arthritis. We even take some of the same medications. We seem to know when the other is hurting and she will stick to me like glue. If I start to cry or wince in pain she is there right beside me. In return, if I think her whining is from pain, I will curl up with her, gently petting her and telling her “It’s all good in the ‘hood” (with apologies to Chef Michael Simon for stealing that! LOL).

Monkey is usually another story. She is a cat and being one means she can be pretty aloof. She has seen me as the feed-bag I think for the first three years of her life. I have been patient, and loving toward her. Lately, she too has been more affectionate, especially when I am not feeling well.

Monkey has many places she likes to sleep at night. One is Violet’s “couch” which is a sofa shaped dog bed that Violet likes to sleep in half the night (the other half being on a large square dog bed on my side), our bed, the bed in the spare room and Hubby’s desk chair in the office.

Last night I was having a rough time coughing and having leg and back spasms. I didn’t want to disturb Hubby, so I went out of the bedroom. I didn’t feel like sitting at the computer and knew that while it would help with my cough, my recliner would not give me the room I needed for my legs to move around. So, I crawled into the spare bed. Monkey came up to check out what was happening and then disappeared. After a while of letting the medicine work and my legs tiring out, I went to sleep.

I woke up around 5 am and went back to my bed. Something made me look up into the open closet of the spare room. There are a couple of blankets up there and sure enough, I saw a little black ear. Then a head popped up because I was moving.

Now, Monkey will go up into that closet to “get away from it all”, but she never sleeps up there. She wants to be close to us or in a place she can see us go by. So she must have wanted to keep an eye on me without getting in the way of my spasming legs.

Ahh, yes, my two furry guardian angels…




16 Replies to “My Guardian Angels”

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for stopping by. She got her name at the vet’s office where she was abandoned at 6 weeks old. They cleaned her and her brother up and put them in a large (for them) dog crate in the front waiting area. The male was adopted immediately but she stayed there for almost 3 weeks until I came along. She would climb up the sides of the cage and was very funny so the staff just called her “Monkey”. It stuck! and at 3 yrs old she is still our little monkey.

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  1. Hi there Lydia… Pets are little guardian angels for sure! They feel a lot more than what some people want to believe. I couldn’t imagine my life without at least an animal in the house 🙂

    Freja doesn’t have much to worry about, things being pretty good for me lately, but she always plays the lifeguard when I take a bath, sitting on the side of the tub, keeping an eye on me at all times 😛

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  2. Gotta love those fur babies! Keep you on your toes. It seems mine know just when I need to move and make sure I do. They also know when I’m having a day I shouldn’t do much and they are right there. My Max has a bad reputation because he doesn’t like anyone but me. Lol. I tell everyone he’s just misunderstood. I’m up most of the night or at least tossing and turning from leg and hip pain so on the rare occasion that I sleep Max is right there every few hours to nudge my arm and make sure I’m ok. Wouldn’t trade my babies for anything! Loved reading this post. 🙂

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  3. I didnt even know I could search a blog!! Thanks for telling me that. I have loved reading about your babies!!!! They are precious.
    You so remind me of me and my animals. Jess had to have home made food because he had cancer. Molly had her own food because she had bladder stones and arthritis. I could feel empathy for them because I have my own pain issues. I just loved them so much. And i loved reading about your love for yours. It has been a year since molly and 6 months since jessy i think, not sure, i lost track of time, and i still miss them like it just happened yesterday. That kind of love is just unmatched! They were my companions. Thanks for sharing your animals!

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