Blogmas 2016 – Two Days in One!


Day 1 – Blogmas?

I normally don’t participate in blog challenges.


It is mostly because I am a very freeform writer. I can’t always write on cue and if I am put on the spot for something more often than not it doesn’t happen or isn’t my best work.

So why this? Why now? What is Blogmas anyway?

  1. Writing about Christmas shouldn’t be difficult even every day….right? I mean it is about the birth of our Saviour and I have very mixed views/experiences on all other aspects of it.
  2. I am trying to get more organized with my writing and having a commitment to a post a day on a set subject will definitely help in that regard.
  3. Blogmas is a 31 day challenge to write about Christmas daily. It was started by Rusty2Rusty’s Chatter.

Well, I am going to cram two days into one seeing how it is almost day three in my time zone which means it is day three for everyone else!

Day 2 – The Best of Times…

Christmas has always been my favourite  and my most dreaded time of year.

It is my favourite because it marks the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Even when I was young and not attending church, I was more drawn to Jesus in the manger than Santa with his sleigh full of toys. I would spend hours playing with the Nativity scene my grandparents bought me – placing the animals, shepherds, wise men, etc. just right around baby Jesus and his parents. I loved singing all the songs as well.

I say it is my most dreaded time for many reasons.

  • My depression tends to be worse in the winter months, which is not an uncommon thing. It is partly due to the lack of sun but also that I don’t get out as much and there is so much pressure to have everything perfect.
  • I have found gift-giving to be the biggest stressor of them all. I wanted to please everyone and more often than not didn’t (more my expectations than theirs but I couldn’t see that). Money has been an issue.
  • The truth is I didn’t care if I got anything because I was more into giving than getting. But if I gave and didn’t get I felt worse about myself.
  • In the past there were always family obligations and I was usually late, forgot something or just felt out of place.
  • I have recently found out that a lot of my depression and anxiety was actually food related. At Christmas you are eating more sugar, chocolate, carbs, and just food in general. These items play with my moods which would in many cases just cause me to eat more of what I shouldn’t.

Christmas present is much different. In other posts I will touch on those differences.





7 Replies to “Blogmas 2016 – Two Days in One!”

  1. I definitely can’t see myself posting every single day, especially about Christmas. I mean, I’ve only published two posts, but my “thing” is shaping up to be lengthy, analytical posts. These posts are upward of 2,000 words; i don’t imagine that I could pump out high quality posts of that length every day.

    On another note, I can sympathize with you when it comes to the winter months. Whenever they come around, my digestive track freaks out. That’s a few months of discomfort a year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends on how I am feeling but I have at times been able to post daily. Many of my posts are quite lengthy so I understand. Because a lot of my writing is dealing with my mental and physical health and how I deal with things, I figure I can find enough to write about regarding Christmas – good and bad. Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. I have them too and they are no fun, specially around the holidays. I will check out your two posts!


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