Miley’s Fairy Godmother

It is no secret that Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ Godmother. However, it should be no surprise that both have referred to the relationship as “Fairy Godmother”. It just sort of fits them both, doesn’t it?

On this past Monday night’s episode of the Voice, Miley, Dolly, and a cappella group The Pentatonics got together for the best version of Dolly’s song “Jolene” I have ever heard. This is a song I have always loved.

Why I would love a song about one woman begging another not to steal her man, I don’t know, but it is haunting in lyric and melody. The song has been covered over the years by Miley, the Whitestripes, the Zac Brown Band, even Ellie Goulding and a host of others.

Seeing Dolly and Miley there together on the stage singing this particular song was a delight. The Pentatonics were the instruments, backup singers, extra vocals, and percussion. They were introduced by Carson Daly as a “Supergroup” and they truly are.

But clearly, the stars were these two larger than life petite blondes. And if Dolly truly is Miley’s Fairy Godmother, I hope and pray that midnight never comes because this princess was the belle of the ball during that performance.




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