Goodbye To A Real “Rocket Man”


I just found out that John Glenn passed away today at the age of 95!

I have always been interested in space. We didn’t learn much about it in school; however, even from a young age, it fascinated me. I remember we were having a picnic at a nearby lake when the Apollo mission landed on the moon. We had brought a portable radio to listen to it. Everyone was either listening to their own radios or moving towards one to hear those magic words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

For some reason, one of the real standouts of the original astronauts was John Glenn. I was only four when he became the first American astronaut to circle the earth in 1962. But as I read books on the subject, watched movies, etc. I thought Mr. Glenn was pretty cool. One thing I remember reading was that

One thing I remember reading was that NASA wouldn’t let him go up again because he was too valuable and thinking that didn’t make sense. He had a colorful political career and then, on October 29, 1998 John Glenn went back into space on the Shuttle Discovery. He was 77 years-old!

John Glenn was not without scandal and criticism. But who is? He was a real American hero at a time when the U.S. needed one!

Rest in Peace, John Glenn.





7 Replies to “Goodbye To A Real “Rocket Man””

  1. Lydia, he was a great hero and lived an enviable life in public and with his wife. Have you read the book or seen the movie “The Right Stuff?” In the movie, there is a scene I shared with my kids yesterday.

    When Glenn’s launch was scratched due to weather, his boss said he needed to call his wife. Apparently, his wife had a terrible stutter and she refused to let LBJ, the Vice President at the time, into her house for a TV interview. His boss said he needed to convince her to do so. After talking with her, he stood by her and told his boss she would not. When his boss said he was out of line, Glenn said “No, you are way out of line.” His boss threatened t take him off the flight, but the other six Gemini astronauts stood behind Glenn and said they refused to take his place.

    I thought this spoke volumes about his character. Keith

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    1. Yes, Keith, I read the book and saw the movie. I remember that and should have included it so I am glad you mentioned it. There was a TV mini-series recently called “The Astronaut Wives’ Club”. I watched every episode and it was very true to the facts for the most part. They touched on that as well. It is funny how my husband and I kept comparing things in the series to what we knew and what was in “The Right Stuff”. LOL

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      1. Lydia, I watched “The Astronaut Wives Club,” as well and did the very same thing. Chuck Yeager became a hero after reading “The Right Stuff,” so I got his autobiography, as well. Thanks for doing this tribute post. Keith


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