Hermione’s Magic Bag


I walk with a cane whenever I am out, to give me support both physically and emotionally (crowds and distances).

One thing about using a cane is that it limits what you can carry since you basically only have one hand free. My answer to this problem is to carry rather large cross-shoulder bags and put everything I need into it.

My first bag was enormous and items got lost very easily, prompting me to nickname it “the abyss”. It even had zippers on each side to make it hold even more. However, the zippers kept opening and it was just very awkward and impractical. This lead to the online search for “the perfect bag”.

I found one that looked just right and had a nice price too. It is canvas so lighter than leather and can be machine washed (but hang dry) which is a bonus. It came in less than a week and I was like a kid in a candy store.

It fits all my stuff and then some so it still takes me awhile to find things like my wallet. But it has lots of pockets for my cell phone, parking permit, Theraspecs, a water bottle and more. I carry my kindle in there so I always have some reading material if I am waiting for an appointment or heaven forbid at the emergency room.

So, it still is a little bit of an abyss but much more practical than the first one.

Last week I had to go for a minor procedure at our local outpatient hospital. The receptionist there needed to see my medical card which I had put away because I pre-registered downstairs. So I was scrambling around a second time to find my wallet. I joked to here about it being an abyss. Then I looked at her with her colourful tattoos and purple hair (I want mine that colour of purple!) and something just popped out of my mouth. “Actually, it’s more like I-forget-her-name’s magic bag in Harry Potter.” She thought for a second and said, “Hmm, it’s been awhile, oh ya, Hermione!” Hubby, she and I all laughed. Oh, and I am not saying anything about people with tattoos or purple hair,  I just I just guessed she might be a Harry Potter fan! 😉

No, I can’t pull out tents that look tiny and have room after room in them. Or a couple of changes of clothes, books, etc. But I can carry all that I need and more.

Oh, and Hermoine’s bag just happened to be purple!





8 Replies to “Hermione’s Magic Bag”

  1. I have the same “abyss” problem… but whenever people need a sewing kit or a a spare toothbrush, they are happy that I carry that kind of bag around 😛 Ok, slightly exagerating here, but just slightly Hahahahaha

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      1. Hahahahaha…. I totally understand! I have a bad shoulder, but people know who to turn to for… almost anything 😛

        I used to say I could get lost in the woods for a week and not be bothered if I had my bag!

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    1. Lydia, my daughter and I were shopping today and she, being the Harry Potter aficionado, confirmed Hermoine’s purse. Ironically, we were shopping for a new wallet amongst purses, hence the segue. Keith


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