Blogmas 2016 – An Unconventional Christmas!

Day 13 


In December 2003 I went in for surgery and was in the hospital about five days.

When I came out I was feeling pretty well; however, I think I overdid things just a little bit and was back at the hospital with a slight complication one week before Christmas. The doctor put me on bedrest and said that I could start moving on Christmas Day if there were no further complications.

I was supposed to host Christmas dinner for my Dad and Sister and we were also preparing two pots of stew for the homeless ministry we were part of for Christmas Day. Thankfully a friend and I had made up packets of all the vegetables and other ingredients so that others could make the stew when I couldn’t. So, making those two five gallon pots was easy for Hubby to do in the morning and he just let them cook.

On Christmas Eve we decided it was best that I not go to Hubby’s parents’ house for the family get-together. I really hated missing but Hubby put me on the speaker phone when his Mom opened the package containing the angel that I had made for her. I couldn’t see her face but could tell she was happy (that was 13 years ago and she still has that doll).

My dear friend Dee and her two boys came over Christmas Eve for a quick visit and she set me up with all the things I needed to put together our 200 packets to go along with the stew and sandwiches for the homeless. Each package contained a pair of socks, a small cross made by one of the group members, an orange, a butter tart (out of the over 400 I made that year for various things), and a little card wishing them Merry Christmas. I spent my evening doing that and watching “Scrooged”, one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies.

In the morning, Hubby got the stews going and I helped stir them a bit. It was nice to be up, but I spent a lot of time on the couch. When our team members came to pick up the packages and stew, Hubby wrenched his back carrying out one of the pots.

So, here we were, one on each couch on Christmas day!

Thankfully we had already arranged with my family to have a very simple dinner. My Dad was bringing a ham which just needed to be heated in the oven, my Sister was bringing some vegetables and we were doing the rest. No turkey or stuffing or gravy were necessary! I think we even just had some of my Christmas baking for dessert!

And it turned out to be one of the best Christmas’ ever! It was simple and no one had to work very hard.

I think God allows certain things to happen to slow our lives down and see what is truly important and what isn’t. In this case, Christmas wasn’t about fancy presents or dinners, it was about us getting together, and also taking care of our health.

Oh, and 200 people had a hot cup of stew, a sandwich and a package of goodies they wouldn’t have had otherwise!




5 Replies to “Blogmas 2016 – An Unconventional Christmas!”

  1. What a wonderful post! I am sorry you had to go through surgery and complications to enjoy your stripped-down Christmas, and am in awe that you still managed to think of all the other people you were helping at the same time. I have been in similar situations healthwise and believe me most of the time it was all we could do to organise the children being looked after. I have spent many a Christmas flat on my back in bed from a chronic injury and one time my back went on Christmas morning while we were opening presents. I was so upset that I’d ruined their Christmas and I wouldn’t be able to join them at the table, but my son made Christmas dinner – a homemade nut roast with all the veg – and brought it all up to my room, they pulled crackers and we all wore party hats with me flat on my back! I hope you have a healthier time this year. 😊

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    1. That sounds like the perfect Christmas…under the circumstances. That to me is what it is all about – being together and doing what you can. Our celebration will be a quiet one this year. My family is all but gone and we celebrated with my husband’s family last weekend. We will just probably have his parents over for a light meal.

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      1. Ours will be a week long Christmas as everyone has decided to make the trek here! We are a halfway house in that we are midway between my elderly mum, my brother and my children. Their visits will be spread out but my poor husband has to do all the ferrying about as well as the bulk of the cooking. We will take a breath at New Year, 😊

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