Blogmas 2016 – Christmas Spirit Lives…

…at least it does at my grocery store!

Day 19

cashierI went to yet another specialist appointment today, but I really like this doctor. He was able to give me some answers and is taking it seriously. I have some medication and he is following up with me in three months!

But going out to appointments or shopping always tires me out. We dropped off the prescription and had about 15 minutes to wait so I picked up a rotisserie chicken and some salads so I didn’t have to cook our main meal which we have at 1 pm before Hubby goes to work.

I dropped my wallet at the till and every card I have fell all over the floor. The lady in front of me and another from the next till picked it all up for me. I was appreciative, but a little frustrated and a lot embarrassed.

Then, after saying “gee, I just wrote a blog post on not wanting to be high maintenance” and getting a laugh from everyone, my cane dropped. The man who was next in line on the other till picked it up for me.

I thanked everyone a few times and then something awesome happened. The cashier at my till gave the woman in front of me 50 reward points for helping me and when she was finished with that lady she went over to the other cashier to do the same for the other two people.

Wow! That was amazing! She told me when I got to her that she could see how grateful I was and that I wasn’t feeling thank you was enough. She couldn’t be more right. Now this is a cashier that I have seen before, but not one of my “regulars”. But she saw a way to spread some Christmas cheer to four different people (me being the grateful fourth one).

I think this is going to stay with me for a long time. And that is a good thing.

Our illnesses may be invisible for the most part, but some people can sense when a person needs help. Yes, I use a cane, but that hasn’t stopped people from pushing through a door ahead of me and not holding it to let me in. It doesn’t stop teens hanging around McDonald’s from laughing when I drop one of my drinks off their flimsy cardboard trays.

As always I thanked God for putting those wonderful people there at the right time. I believe God allowed this to happen because He wanted me to get out of the mood I was in when I wrote I’m Tired Of Being High Maintenance yesterday. He wanted to show me that not only are other people willing to help but even others are happy to reward them for helping. Not that they needed or asked for it (and 50 points by itself won’t even get you 1 free lemon LOL!). But like always it is the thought that counts.

I am including this as part of my Blogmas challenge because I believe that Christmas or “the holiday spirit” does make people a little more willing to help. At least that is what I like to believe!



12 Replies to “Blogmas 2016 – Christmas Spirit Lives…”

  1. What a lovely experience and support, as you received and saw in your supermarket, Lydia 🙂
    You need to believe in the good humanity. Maybe it becomes more clearly in this time a year, but if you look around, you will see and find a lot of good humans, who wish others the best.
    Of course there will also be others to find, but don’t notice them, just look for the beautiful and you will find it 🙂


  2. Tis the Season…I love it when an random act of kindness happens…and in this case it covered all 4 of you…..what a special person…nice to know that people are perspective to the their surroundings…Nice to have found a doctor that is really listening and cares…hope it works out…Happy holidays my friend..xxxx.kat

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