“Is She Here?”

pizzasIt is still Christmas Eve here and we didn’t make it to the Candlelight Service. I only got a couple of hours sleep last night and I knew that if I went out tonight I would probably not be able to handle making dinner tomorrow.

When you are dealing with Chronic Illness you have to learn to compromise and prioritize what you do. When it came to a decision of whether I have my family over for dinner on Christmas Day and attending a church service, I knew I had to choose family. After all, the church service is about the most important family of all time, isn’t it?

Another factor in the decision is based on my most favorite part of the service – lighting candles and singing “Silent Night”. I have asthma and at the moment have been fighting a chest cold (a cough is what kept me awake). There is always a good deal of smoke when the candles are blown out.

So, instead, we decided to stay in, order some pizza and watch Dolly Parton’s new Christmas movie (which was very well done). I ordered the pizza online and since I was in my PJ’s (from an afternoon nap), Hubby said he would go to the door and pay for the pizza. After all, I went to the door in the morning to get the grocery delivery and I paid for that! LOL

I could here Hubby saying, “She’s in the other room”. I asked him about it when the door closed and I could let the cat out. He said the driver looked confused and asked, “Is she here?” I usually order and answer the door and I guess he was just surprised that it wasn’t me. But, he used Hubby’s card so all was well 😉

It is nice to be “missed” or, “noticed” like that. Hubby teased me about how many pizzas I ordered but when Kay was here we did order a few. It has been a long time.

The pizza tasted great. I did have one of my coughing sessions but it wasn’t too bad. And we have cold pizza left for Christmas Day breakfast! 😀



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