“Mommy, I Found Your Packing Supplies”


Hubby and I were in the office working on our computers when we heard a strange noise coming from in front of the closet near my desk run-off.

Hubby asked, “What was that?” I smiled and said, “Monkey is in the bag of packing material again.”

Sure enough, I got up and looked around to see a black fur ball with two big eyes staring up at me from inside an orange garbage bag. It is full of newspapers, bubble wrap, foam sheets, plastic wrap, etc. that I have been collecting for our move.

I was positive I had closed it up well enough and put it where she couldn’t get at it, being that it is a plastic bag and she is a very curious cat (much like the monkey named “Curious George” LOL). But nope, our Monkey has a will and a way and demonstrates it on a regular basis.

Closet doors need to be closed if you don’t want this little rascal finding a way up to have a peaceful sleep without being bothered by us humans or her canine pal Violet.

There’s never a dull moment when you have a Monkey!



One Reply to ““Mommy, I Found Your Packing Supplies””

  1. This evening, after I posted this, I went into the linen closet to get a blanket. In a split second, Monkey jumped in. I wanted to go relax and watch some TV so I left her – she was just on a towel so it wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t find her later and sure enough, she was still in the linen closet but one shelf up and on one of my good white table cloths. I literally had to peel it off her claws to grab it and pull her out! That’s my Monkey!


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