Blogmas 2016 – A New Word For A New Year

Day 29


I am sure I am not the only one who is definitely ready to say goodbye and good riddance to 2016.

Rather than making resolutions, I do something my life coach has suggested over the past few years. That is to select a word that describes how I see myself in the coming year.

The word for 2016 was “Vibrant” and I am still on the road to achieving that one. I know I haven’t updated that journey lately and will continue to do so in 2017. But I do have a new word for the new year. With all the positive changes I have made in the past year I had no problem coming up with this one!


That is how I feel my possibilities are for the next year and beyond! And I don’t even need a super brain enhancing drug to know that (referring to the movie and TV series of the same name). I just have to believe in myself and more importantly in the Lord that He has great plans for me.

So what are these limitless possibilities? Well since it is limitless I obviously can’t list them all, but here is a bit of a start.

  • I have said goodbye to four women who were holding me back from my true potential. I will never again allow myself to feel unappreciated and inferior. Notice I am putting the responsibility on ME not on them.
  • My blog is becoming not only an outlet for my feelings and frustrations but an outreach for others going through what I have. This is a win/win because if I can help even one person through my own story I am also being empowered.
  • While my advocacy project, “Chronically Speaking” didn’t get off the ground this year as I hoped, it has given me a chance to pray for what God’s plan for it is, not mine. I know this is just the beginning and am excited to see where it goes.
  • I have accepted and embraced who I am in this moment. Earlier in the year, I was dreading the fact I am two years from 60 and that my chronic illnesses seemed to be more debilitating. Seeing friends at my 40th grad reunion was very eye-opening because we are all getting “old” and yet our relationships had not missed a beat! I told a blogging friend in a comment recently that I am “comfortable in my own skin” and I really am. This is going to allow me to really think outside my comfort zone so watch out world!
  • My relationship with my Hubby is better than ever. We have gotten through a lot of “stuff” this year in terms of health, finances, family loss and making tough decisions and it has only made our love stronger. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next.
  • While I always mention my faith last, it is definitely not because it is least important. In fact, it is always the most important factor in my life so leaving it to last emphasizes that – like putting a beloved actor’s name at the end after “and” or “with”. In this case, it is “Being Lydia” starring Lydia, Hubby, etc., and God! And as I give everything over to Him once again, I know He will be playing a lead role in this limitless year of possibilities.

As I said, the list could go on forever, but 2017 only has 365 days and I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. All I know is I can’t wait to see what the year brings, good and bad.




4 Replies to “Blogmas 2016 – A New Word For A New Year”

  1. Limitless! Beautiful. With God you are indeed Limitless Lydia. My word for the year is Simplify. It is something that began early in 2016 and it has become a craving of mine. Be blessed in who YOU ARE.

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