Blogmas 2016 – New Year’s Eve Part 1

Day 30

fireworks2Well, down to the last two Blogmas posts!

I have two different views on New Year’s Eve so I thought I would split them up. Tomorrow I will talk about the good side and today is the bad and ugly.

I have never been a real fan of New Year’s Eve. Or let’s say I haven’t since I was 14. The good part of it from ages 12 to 16 is I made a small fortune getting all the prime babysitting jobs while my friends were out at parties.

The year I turned 13 was the start of the rocky road that would become my family life. I mean it was already rocky, I just didn’t know it until I came home that New Year’s morning from looking after a bunch of kids across the lane (3 families of kids had a “camp-in” at one house).

I came in through the basement door. The car was there so I knew my parents were home, which surprised me as I thought they would be later. As I went up the stairs I heard my Mom yelling and a door slam. I stared at my Dad who was in front of the closed door to my sister’s old room. He looked at me, said he had let me down and went into their bedroom, closing the door. I knocked on the door where my Mom was, asking if she was okay but she told me to go to bed.

She never came out of the room all the next day. My Dad said that she wasn’t feeling good and that it would just be him and I going for dinner. I said I would rather stay home (my Dad made me nervous) but he said no, we were going. When we got to the restaurant I asked if they had a fight and he said yes, but wouldn’t say more. It was really awkward because I never knew what to say to my Dad in the best of times and this certainly wasn’t one of those.

When we came home my Mom was out of the room. They talked briefly away from me and Dad packed a bag and left. Mom told me only that they were going to take a little break from each other. It would finally come out that he had an affair with my Mom’s friend who worked for them at the drug store and was married as well.

Let’s just say New Year’s wasn’t a happy time for me after that. I made sure I was babysitting or out with friends until I didn’t live at home (or stay there when I came back for the holidays from the prairies).

Going out with friends though wasn’t all that great as well. I didn’t have a boyfriend and usually, we would go to a bar or club where there was lots of drinking and hopefully good music. But that was not my scene. I would either be left on my own as my friends were with guys or I would have some drunk trying to hit on me or both. Eventually, I stopped going out at all. I would just go to bed and try to forget about it altogether.

Even when I married my Hubby we didn’t do the New Year’s Eve thing. We would usually stay home and work on our internet company and watch the countdown on TV. That is until we met an awesome couple who liked to spend the holiday quietly like us.

But more on that tomorrow!



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