Reblog – Happy little elves have been playing again…

Thanks to Sue Vincent for verbalizing what I have been thinking about the changes at WordPress!


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Between one post and the next, somebody, who shall, for the sake of discretion, remain nameless, has been playing again. Somebody has been twiddling with the settings on that nice little black header bar at the top of the page there. The one that used to be useful, but which is now an utter waste of time.


Yes, that one. The one that used to allow a quick glance at stats, but from which the stats are now missing. And don’t think you can just click to access your normal stats…oh no. They’ve been tampered with too. Though, there is, at least, a solution to that.

The little black bar that used to allow access to a Reader that still functioned, but which now allows access to a Reader that barely opens one eye in disgust before rolling over and expiring…

You also used to…as in this morning… be…

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