Blogmas 2016 – New Year’s Eve Part 2

Day 31

fireworks2Yesterday I told you the bad and ugly memories of New Year’s Eve and promised that today I would give you the good.

It actually started when I married my Hubby and we would just watch one of the countdowns on the TV. In fact, we would watch it in the different time zones! It was nice to have someone to share the new year with. I felt a hope for something new rather than bidding good riddance to bad memories.

Then, we met a new couple at our church. We actually met them through a bible study group that our friends were leading at the home of this new couple Darren and Devan.

We hit it off with them almost immediately and started getting together on weekends to watch movies, etc. and sometimes dinner. There was a very good reason that we got along so well. Devan also has a chronic illness and is limited in what she can do. And, we both have very loving, patient and helpful hubbies who do their very best to make our lives easier.

Darren and my hubby get along very well. They have done projects together at our old house which gives them some “guy time”. Devan and I will sit beside each other on a couch and talk away, all the time facing forward because we both have problems turning our necks! We also get tired easily and have problems in crowds, so it just being the four of us makes it very nice.

I can’t remember how the whole New Year’s thing started, but it turned out that neither couple did anything or had a desire to party. So, we got together the first year with us making dinner and they made dessert. The next year we switched! We always meet at their place because it is just easier. Some years Devan’s mother joined us and there were other friends as well; however, it was still small and quiet but really nice. Usually, we would play games or just gab until midnight, bring in the new year with the TV and then say our goodnights. We would be back home while the neighbours were still out clanking pots and having fun!

When my Dad came to live with us things changed. We would plan to go over and he would get sick and we would have to cancel last minute. Now canceling last minute is all part of the understanding between both families. Chronic illness doesn’t work on a schedule and since we all have lived with it one way or another canceling just goes with the territory. Of course, one side will end up with a pile of main course and the other dessert!

Since Dad’s passing, we have not gotten together at all much, New Year’s or otherwise. Someone or other have been sick and our lives just got complicated. It is something we have talked about but never got around to.

Well, this year we are bound and determined to make it happen. It is my turn to make the meal and I am doing Rouladen. I don’t make it as good as my Mother-in-law but it is getting better each time I make it. I am thinking I will make the onion tart from Christmas Day again as it was a hit and will go well with the meat. Mashed potatoes are a must for the gravy and I think carrots. I will make it all up at home and keep it warm in crockpots and wrapped in towels. They will be providing dessert and another couple they know will be joining us.

Now, at the time of my writing this there is a possibility of us not going to be able to go. But I am happy to say it is not because of me. This time hubby was home sick from work and we aren’t totally sure yet if it is the flu or a reaction to one of his many food intolerances. If it is the flu, we don’t want to expose Devan to it. Now, please, don’t think of me as a bad person for being glad it is my husband who is sick and not me LOL! I don’t want anyone feeling rotten (especially the love of my life) but it is a relief that I am not having to back out of something. 🙂

I will be sure to let you know if our plans are a go, and how it all went. Happy New Year’s Everyone!


PS I made it! All 31 days of Blogmas. I have really enjoyed this. It has challenged me both with having to write every day and with coming up with new topics on the theme. I don’t think challenges will become a regular feature, but I certainly would consider this one again next year!



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