Eating New Year’s Crow

dollarsignSome of you may remember last year (that was so long ago!) I wrote about problems with my grocery store delivery service. They were out of things I needed most and/or substituted for things I couldn’t use. Once they never delivered at all nor did they call to let me know. I got the order almost 24 hours after it was supposed to show up and I didn’t have things I needed for hubby’s sandwiches.

But I have stuck with them because every new endeavour has growing pains and I really like both the store and the ease of shopping online and having it delivered. I am not driving at the moment so it means Hubby has to rush to the store after work (before midnight) or get up early and take me. The deli isn’t open past 10 pm so we can’t get sandwich meat then.

On the whole, the service is great and I was even able to get deliveries early on both Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve. Those are days you could not pay me to go to a store. Those deliveries and today’s were slightly later than the delivery window, but weather conditions and numbers of orders are understandable variables.

I put in an order for today so I would have sandwich meat and a few other staples for the rest of the week. I was very careful to keep it right in line with my budget. The totals are always estimated because items that need weighing are rung in at the actual price, not the advertised price and, sale prices change Fridays so if you order for Friday you may not get the prices shown on Thursday. Orders must be in by 10 pm the night before the scheduled delivery.

Well, I had only a small order for today but it was well over the $45 minimum (before tax and fees). When the driver brought it to the door he said I was in luck, the only item they didn’t have were my alfalfa sprouts. These are just for me to add to sandwiches and salads so no big deal. But when I looked at the total it was way lower than the estimated amount.

After he left I checked the food as I put it away and it all looked fine. The throat lozenges were in the large size package ($9.99) though I only ordered the regular size (on sale for $2.99). It is listed on the receipt as the smaller size which means they would have needed that package.

I looked further and the deli meat was listed on the receipt as $1.00, $2.00, $1.00. Now we are talking about over $15.00 worth of meat according to the labels on the packages! They had to have been manually rung in as the barcode would show the price per pound, the weight, and the actual price.

The Christian in me wants to call them up and tell them their mistake. However, the logical side (which has rubbed off from Hubby, I never used to have one of those) thinks it is probably because I was giving them glowing reports on their random surveys but the last few times I listed problems. If I see some error in my favour again, I will certainly be more inclined to be honest about it. I don’t totally feel good about this one, but it does seem like it was purposely done.

So, thank you, dear grocery store, and I am happy to dine on crow for doubting your service! And here’s to a great New Year!





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