Reblog – The only New Year’s resolution that I have ever kept and why you should try it

The Disabled Diva sure knows how to pick a New Year’s Resolution. I guarantee when you read this you will not be able to hold back a smile!


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The only New Year’s resolution that I have ever kept and why you should try it


Do you make New Year resolutions?  How many of them did you keep?  In the past I would vow to lose weight, quit a bad habit, or to do something that I didn’t really want to do and always failed.  Why did I fail?  Because instead of adopting life changes I was forcing a drastic change that I wasn’t ready for.  Trying to force an unrealistic plan of dietary changes and exercise became even more difficult once my chronic life began.  After a while I just gave up on making New Year resolutions all together. 

A few years ago I went through an extremely deep and dark depression.  Pharmaceutical medications had failed me and although being med-free meant I was no longer experiencing their side-effects, I…

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