Float – Make Mine Root Beer Please!

I mentioned after I completed the Blogmas challenge that I may try some others. Since I want to practice more creative writing, I thought I would try one of the Daily Prompt challenges. I will not be doing it daily, but today’s word, “Float” caught my eye. I think I have taken a very different meaning than most others!

Nothing quenches the thirst better than a frosty Root Beer Float! Two heaping scoops of quality vanilla ice cream in a frosty glass mug. Then pour the root beer over top and let the foam spill over, just a little bit.

First take a drink with a straw – I like to stick it right through one of the ice cream scoops. when you have made a little room in the mug, start stirring it up and drink from the mug so you get root beer, foam and ice cream altogether.

It is heaven in a frosty mug!



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