Project Smile – Bits & Pieces

Well, I survived my latest dental adventure.

This dentist that my dentist sends me to for extractions is great. He remembered right away that he had seen me before and wanted to look at his  “handiwork”. After being satisfied that it had healed properly he examined the x-ray and the tooth he would work on this time.

I did ask for a second opinion on pulling all my teeth, explaning my health concerns and the fact that sometimes I am just overwhelmed by pain and fatigue and “forget” about dental hygiene.  He said he understood (it was nice to hear even if it wasn’t totally true 😉 ) and that my teeth weren’t in the best of shape but still weren’t that bad. In the end, he agreed with my own dentist that it would be in my best interest to keep my teeth as long as I can. In fact, this guy doesn’t even think I need a partial and a bridge. He said that hands plus a knife and fork are great at making up for not enough chewing surfaces!

Back to the current tooth problem. He froze me and then started to work. There was absolutely no pain, just pulling, pushing and some snapping. The tooth did fall apart and the roots were tangled. None of this was surprising. It took a fair bit longer I think for this one tooth than the last two together. But all of a sudden it was done, I was given some gauze for the wound and some to take home and that was that.

On the way home, Hubby and I talked about our lunch plans. We still had quite a bit of time before he had to leave for work. We were going to stop at DQ so I could get a blizzard and he would get a burger. But rather than stopping at the one close to the dentist, we decided to go to the one in our neighbourhood. Then when we got close to there, we decided to go to the grocery store where I would just get some ice cream, soup, perogies, etc. – soft foods. Hubby went to the pizza place in the same mall and got some for his lunch and we headed home.

I took a painkiller one half hour before the appointment and I never had to take any after that. This is pain medication on top of what I normally take of course.  The soup and ice cream have been going down very nicely but I even tried a few chips (smothered in creamy dip)!

So, other than the tooth falling apart, I say this was a very successful adventure in the quest for a new smile!

I leave you with a classic – the Dave Clark Five’s “Bits and Pieces”.



18 Replies to “Project Smile – Bits & Pieces”

  1. Love the song and still cringing as i nurse a tooth that fell apart in June. .. i haven’t been to get it looked at yet. The wind that the instruments blow into my mouth is so painful i just can’t bear it. wire train tracks cemented to twisted teeth made a good job back then, but the sensitivity, the crumbling teeth that just decide to throw bits in my mouth. I would have an anaesthetictomorrow and they could do everything at once if I could. 😯😕


    1. My mouth is a victim of the old style railroad tracks as well. They may have helped straighten teeth but they sure made a mess in the process! I am still wanting it all over with general anesthetic, waking up with my dentures in my mouth as my friend did years ago. She has never regretted it!


    1. Thank you. When I was 15 a dentist scared the daylights out of me. I kept saying it hurt and he gave me two extra shots of freezing. Then he said I was being a baby. It turned out he was drilling into the nerve on two molars. I found it out 3 years later when both teeth “exploded” in pain from abscess that had been building all that time. I hated dentists until a very good friend of ours convinced me to go see him and he is kind and gentle. The second dentist who he gets to do the extractions is exactly the same. I am blessed! I wish you could find someone like that.

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