Kudos to my “Mr. Spock” from his “Deanna Troi”

It has been awhile since I have handed out any Kudos and even longer since I have publicly recognized the incredible efforts of one person in my life.

That would be my hubby.

Every time I wince, scream, shout out or move funny he is always there with an “are you alright?” Followed by an “is there anything I can do?”

Now sometimes hearing that over and over could be annoying; however, when the source and sincerity are considered, you just know that it is totally out of love.

That is how it is with this love of my life. He is not one to get over emotional (the other day I described us as the Vulcan and the Empath – he is very logical and I am very emotional and always trying to let people know I understand their situation.

When my hubby says “is there anything I can do?”, he is really saying “I wish I could make things easier for you and/or take that pain away.”

Let’s take today for an example. He had an appointment to give blood – it is a combo of giving to a good cause and using it to help control a genetic condition he has called hemochromatosis (too much iron in his blood causing, among other things, for him to always feel cold). The treatment is to remove blood, essentially removing some of the iron.

Blood is not one of Hubby’s favorite things. He doesn’t watch medical shows because of it so this is a big deal. I was going with him for support; however, between my tooth extraction the other day and my chest and/or sinus infections I wasn’t feeling well this morning. I was freezing and needing sleep. So, he went on his own, saying there wasn’t much for me to do and he wouldn’t leave until he was ready.

Secondly, I had put in my grocery order a couple of days ago to secure a delivery time for this evening. I didn’t notice that I didn’t get a confirmation email. When I went to update the order, it prompted me for a delivery time and they were all “sold out” for today. I checked and double checked and there was no record of it even though I know I got the final screen that says your order is processed.

So, I changed it to a pickup today between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm so we could go after the blood appointment. Well, it was easier for Hubby to just go there after his appointment instead of coming home first to get me. He was also wearing a few layers of clothing less than normal so was feeling cold so I didn’t want him out there long.

He got there to find out that I had changed it to a pick-up TOMORROW. I checked my confirmation email (which I got this time but never looked at) and sure enough, I had goofed. I was in tears for making him go out of his way but he just kept saying “it’s okay, don’t worry.” And I knew he meant it. I was able to change it to a delivery tomorrow night so that is all fixed… and I checked for and read the confirmation email!

I know that my dear husband really doesn’t mind – oh I am sure inside he gets a little frustrated because his health isn’t 100%. He was out in the cold, not dressed properly for him, and as tired as I was. Who wouldn’t get frustrated? However, he got himself a chai latte and changed as soon as he got home.

I hear so much about spouses not understanding chronic pain, mental illness, etc. I know he had a rough time over the first years of our marriage but he has been so understanding, caring, and loving.

My Hubby is my rock. He also shares a similar trust in God that I do. We both look to our Lord for the strength and guidance we need every day to handle whatever comes our way.

Thank you, Honey, I am so glad I have you in my life!



9 Replies to “Kudos to my “Mr. Spock” from his “Deanna Troi””

  1. We both are blessed with great husbands. Mine is as you explained yours. So understanding, helpful and wishing he could take the pain from me. Blessings like this are few and far between, from what I understand. My husband is my rock too. He claims I am his as well. What a great life we have! Illnesses might make things less than perfect, but having a great husband sure makes it easier.

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  2. This is so wonderful, made me smile at the loving things he does. You’re so blessed. I’m fortunate to have a caring, generous, and understanding hubby too… certainly makes a difference every single day💜take care, Lydia! Jenny


  3. You know those old slapstick comedies where people are running in and out of doors? That is what I pictured in my mind, reading all of your misadventures! You are certainly blessed, as is your hubby!

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