Dear Readers,

I have been struggling with something for awhile now, trying to figure out what is best for me, for you, and ultimately “Being Lydia” the blog.

I am working on product reviews to help my fellow chronic illness sufferers know what is out there to make our lives better. I am also striving to bring awareness to various conditions and the stigma that surrounds them.

“Being Lydia” was originally going to be a place where I talked about just that – all facets of being me. In fact, when I started I don’t think I intended to go as deeply into the health aspects as I have. However, I am very glad I did. It has been healing for me, and I seem to have reached others as well for which I am very blessed.

I tried to start another site, “Chronically Speaking” to take over the “business” or advocacy end of things. However, the transition wasn’t going as easy as I had thought. What has happened is I am kind of caught between the two places and am slightly overwhelmed as I don’t know where to put what.

So, I am asking you to please be a little patient with me. I am going to be using this blog for my reviews, for my current focus on mental health issues as I lead up to “Bell Let’s Talk Day”, and for just being Lydia.

Once the dust settles on everything I will migrate the majority of the health items to their new home and I will continue to use this blog to talk about life. It will still have health topics because they are a big part of me; however, it will be less newsy and more me just talking.

I hope that many of you will follow me over to Chronically Speaking as it promises to be interesting and, I hope, innovative.

Once again I have to say how blessed I am to have found this little niche to call my own and meet you to chat about life.

As always,


6 Replies to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. I can only talk for myself, but I think a lot of us have a lot on our hands… and life manages to get in the way sometimes. Take your time, beautiful 🙂

    It is always a pleasure to read you, and I am sure people will understand if you are less present online for a while 🙂

    Take care, and keep us posted 🙂 xx


    1. Oh, thanks Cyranny, but that isn’t what I was getting at. I am meaning that Being Lydia is going to get a lot busier because I will be doing the advocacy stuff here to start until I can get the other site the way I want it. I just can’t work on web development (one of my past careers) and do writing and reviewing products (right now I have two documentaries and two books) all at once so I am going to fit it in here for the next little while. So in a way I won’t be less present, I will be in your “face” a lot more! And I am so glad you like my little corner of the blogosphere. And when I need a break from it all, I know I can find breathing space at the Cove ❤

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      1. Ahhhhh okie! My bad, I totally missed the target lol

        More of Lydia? I “like” that idea a looot 😉 The best success to “Being Lydia” and I’ll be looking forward to watch your projects develop along the way 🙂 🙂 🙂

        And you know your beanbag chair always has a “reserved” sign on it! (unless you visit, of course lol)

        *big hugs*

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