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“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

When I first learned I would be dealing with chronic pain for the rest of my life, there were very few choices out there. I was basically told I could medicate myself into oblivion or just plain deal with it.

Neither sounded very promising. But I would remember the doctor coming to tell me there was a 50% chance that I wouldn’t walk unaided again. To this, I just said “No”. Two days later I was taking my first steps. I went to a pain clinic a year after my back fracture (the first of several clinics over the last 25 years); however, the only extra things they added were my own TENS machine, mild exercise, and relaxation techniques. What they didn’t prepare me for was the on slot of complications – fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more.

When I had previously been diagnosed with mental illness, I was told that physical exercise, relaxation and changing negative thinking/attitudes would help me to cope better with my conditions. Basically, they were saying that what I did or didn’t do with my body would directly affect what was wrong with my brain.

sellpage-author-image-circle_mediumThanks to the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, I was able to review the documentary “The Connection“, by Shannon Harvey. I have to say that I was totally blown away! The basic premise here is a mind-body connection can have incredible effects on chronic illness and more! In other words, the mind can ultimately heal the body!

So, my body can help heal my mind and my mind can heal my body! A win-win situation for sure!

Shannon Harvey is an Australian journalist who found herself suffering from debilitating symptoms that doctors could not diagnose or treat properly. Being a journalist gave her the motivation to do her own research. “The Connection” is a compilation of that research with amazing stories of people who were treated and even healed by an incredible discovery. The film took three years to make and it is obvious by watching it that it was a true labor of love.

The opening narration starts with, “We’re in the midst of a chronic illness epidemic”. These words should instill fear or at the very least, concern. However, strangely for me, a light went on in my head. I think it was a case of hitting bottom means that you can only go up from here. The last line of Shannon’s intro narration struck me as well. “This is the movie I wanted to see when I got sick”. In other words, she is saying that “This is what I found out, it worked for me and it should work for you!”

The premise of “The Connection” is that the mind can actually heal the body.  Dr. Herbert Benson, Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine states, “Modern science has shown us that the mind has the power to heal. We should use that capacity.”

Stress is noted as the main cause of and/or prolonging factor in most chronic illnesses. The mind/body connection suggests that if you can relieve that stress, you can heal the condition. They illustrate this with everything from diabetes to cancer!

The film is filled with interviews with specialists in the field of mind-body medicine; however, there is probably an equal amount of people who have used mind-body techniques with successful results. And these people are from all walks of life with very different problems

  • A young woman with fertility issues
  • A young man with stage four cancer
  • A man dealing with Multiple Sclerosis
  • A person with severe back pain
  • A middle-aged man with a heart attack

I don’t want to say much on these stories because it is best to watch the film and hear it from them. I will say, that each of them said something that rang true for me or got me thinking about how to change my outlook.

I have watched several documentaries dealing with medical alternatives. As you might guess, they often left me asking “is this too good to be true?” Not this one. It has left me with a lot of questions, but they are more along the line of “what more can I learn about mind over body healing?”

What treatment methods are suggested? Meditation, of course, is on the list, as well has healthy eating, exercise, etc. But it is understanding the correlation between the mind and body that really provides the key to getting better. I watched this film three times all the way through so far and a couple of times just highlighting certain parts. And I intend to keep watching it when I get stressed or forget just what my mind can do.

While my review and the 15-minute preview of the film give insight into the Mind Body Connection, it is only by watching the entire 90-minute production that you really get the answers. The testimonies of doctors, scientists, and patients combine to provide a cohesive picture. I highly recommend purchasing “The Connection” and the follow-up book “The Whole Health Life”.

If you or someone in your family have any type of chronic illness, I highly recommend purchasing “The Connection” by itself or with the book “The Whole Health Life”. Information is available on Shannon’s website.



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