Bell Let’s Talk Wrap-up

The is very late in coming because I was working on a product review deadline and battling a few health issues.

The Bell Let’s Talk initiative is based on awareness of mental illness and erasing the stigma surrounding it. Bell Let’s Talk is held on one day each year (this year on January 25th).

On this day, Bell Canada (a communications company) pays 5 cents for every tweet, Facebook status, call (within the Bell system) and text that includes “#BellLetsTalk”! This year they surpassed last year (which was the biggest to date with over 1.5 million tweets, etc. Individuals and companies started donating as well – tweeting and then pledging so much per retweet and so much per like.

Yes, the financial part of Bell Let’s Talk is very important; however, I personally believe that the plea of the title is what is most needed – simply that we start talking about mental illness. This looks different for different people

  1. People who suffer from any type of mental illness need to feel comfortable that there is someone they can talk to about what they are going through, whether a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a doctor, etc. I know that when I finally was honest with myself and a psychiatrist my healing began.
  2. People who know others suffering from mental illness need to be there for them, to listen and really hear what they are saying. They also must speak about their own fears and questions whether with the loved one or a professional.
  3. And the rest of us need to ask questions about what is happening in the world in regard to mental illness. We need to become aware of how rampant illness can spread and what can WE do to stop it.

So,  what am I doing about it? I decided that for the 10 days leading up to Bell Let’s Talk, I would post some of my own thoughts and feelings (new and old) on my battle with mental illness. I also asked a group I belong to, The Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, if anyone would like to participate. I was amazed and overwhelmed. I got 10 people and they were really wanting to participate. So, I posted one guest post a day and added mine in as well.

The readership was incredible as will. I feel very blessed to have been the conduit for this information to get out. I will definitely try something like this again to bring awareness to whatever needs it.

What did you think of the posts over the 10 days between Jan 15th and 25? Did they answer questions you may have had about mental illness? Did they help you be able to speak up about your own fears? Please let us know. Also, if a guest post really caught your attention, please visit the writer’s blog. There are links on each individual guest post.



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