Violet’s Snow Day!

Ever since we got Violet as a puppy she has loved snow. It's not that we get a lot of it around here, but she always gets excited when she sees "the white stuff" coming down. This year we have seen more of it than we have in a long time. I could tell she …


Reblog – The Soundtrack of a Chronic Life

If you have read almost any post here at Being Lydia, you will know I have a great love of music. I can always find a song or two that relate to how I am at any given time.

Rhiann has a similar love of music. This is most definitely a soundtrack of life with chronic illness or just life itself. I hope you enjoy it as I have.


My Brain Lesion and Me

There’s not much in this life, especially in this modern age, which connects us all, but the music is one of them.  After all, it has been used as a means of expression and entertainment in all times and cultures.  Music, it is said is a powerful tool as a means of expressing emotions such as love, hope, joy and regret as well as being a device for sharing our individual stories.

Everyone may not share the same taste in genres of music – some may prefer classical, whereas others enjoy hip-hop or rap for example.  However, whatever the preference of music, there are certain songs and melodies within the world of music that we can identify with and that conveys the emotional state that we are in, in that exact moment in time.


Melodies and the rhythms of pieces of music, for example, can inspire us to move our…

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