Violet’s Snow Day!


Ever since we got Violet as a puppy she has loved snow. It’s not that we get a lot of it around here, but she always gets excited when she sees “the white stuff” comivisnow1ng down. This year we have seen more of it than we have in a long time.

I could tell she just wanted me to go out with her in the back and kick snow, pretend to chase her…she always senses when I am having problems walking, after all, we have the same diagnosis and take some of the same medication!

visnow3So, I went out, phone in hand and made some shuffles toward her and then backed away. That was just enough to get her going.

If you are wondering why you never see her face, it is because she likes to burrow into the snow. When she was a puppy she took down a 3 ft snowball with her paws and nose. It was hilarious but I somehow can’t find the video!


Oh, and Monkey? This is how she likes to enjoy the snow! Sorry for the poor quality, I didn’t have access to my good camera.


From the Great White North – West,



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