A Valentine For Spouses of the Chronically Ill

Dear Care Givers,
You know who you arepurpleheart
Your love and devotion
Make you a rock star.

You work long hours
To pay all the bills
Then come home to help us
With all of our pills.

You help us prepare
For a night on the town
Only to cancel
As we go lay down.

We are so thankful
You are in our lives
True angels on earth
Our husbands and wives.



4 Replies to “A Valentine For Spouses of the Chronically Ill”

    1. Thank you for the sharing! My Hubby had to work tonight be this morning he lived up to the poem by helping me through a medical test that I was nervous about. That is a very true and honest present if I ever saw one! I hope your day was extra special.

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