Daily Prompt – “Squat”

nosquatSo, I decided I needed to lighten things up here. Lately being me has been very serious and solemn. So, how did I do that? By going over and finding today’s daily word prompt, “squat”. Remember, this is my foray into fiction. I can’t do squat when it comes to leg bends! 😉

I walked into a new exercise class at the local recreation centre and was a little nervous. I had been to many other classes but this seemed so different. The instructor was having us get into a sitting position with no chair and to hold it for the count of five. When I tried to tell her that I couldn’t do that position because of my knee surgery, she looked at me and said, “then you don’t know squat. This is very important in my class so I suggest you try a different one.”

While I was a bit embarrassed, I was also relieved. I got changed and went to the pool where I knew squats were much easier in water and still effective!



4 Replies to “Daily Prompt – “Squat””

  1. I must say when I saw the prompt I thought of ‘diddley squat.’ But I can’t do squat’s either, they are very difficult for me with dicky knees and tendonitis. I steer clear of them (and incidentally gym’s too).

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