Daily Prompt – “Juicy”


Well, I decided to try this out two days in a row! And since my story involves a food item, I guess it could count as my Foodie Friday. Anyway, you can join the fun at The Daily Post. This one is based on a favourite childhood memory.

I remember very little about my childhood on the prairies, mostly because I was 7 when we left. I had just finished grade two when we packed up and moved out to the West Coast.

I think this memory was from the summer before we moved. It was a hot summer day and my friends and I were playing in our yard. In those days there were no play dates – we just ran outside and ended up in someone’s yard or on the small hill at the end of the block. The only rules were we couldn’t leave the block and had to come when we were called.

Anyway, on this particular day, we were playing on my swing set and my Mom came out and asked if we would all like some watermelon. Of course, we did. Who can resist the juicy goodness on a hot summer day? She told us to go to the front steps and she would bring it there. Everyone (probably about six of us) got a nice big piece and started to dig in. There was no such thing as seedless watermelon then and you weren’t supposed to eat the black seeds.

My Mom said, “let’s have a seed spitting contest and find out who can spit their seeds the furthest. We were all a little puzzled because Mom was pointing to the front lawn. That was usually a big no-no. But we had a very fun time eating, wiping juice off our chins and spitting seeds onto the lawn.

I wasn’t supposed to tell Dad about it when he came home – he worked out of town all week and was home on the weekends. The next weekend he came home and talked to my Mom, then went out to mow the lawn. Sure enough, there were a few little watermelon plants taking root.

Years later we all laughed about it. It was my Mom’s “revenge” for Dad buying her an electric lawn mower for Mother’s Day so she could mow during the week.



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