Found In Translation

translateDaily Prompt – Translate

Languages have always fascinated me.

Back when I was in grade four, we were the first school district in our area to start learning French. I continued to take it right through until my second year University. I have lost most of it now, but I am sure I could pick it up again.

I think having that background helped me in my job as a translator – working with computer programmers and the rest of the world! While I am not a programmer, I have worked with code enough to understand the basics.

In my days as a data admin manager for the provincial government, I worked with the programmers and decision makers on a system that matched local exporters with people from all over the world looking for their products. At our weekly meetings, I would literally translate between the two groups. It was my job to make sure one group’s needs were the other group’s priority. I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Then I went to work for a trio of absolutely amazing programmers. These guys were so good at what they did; however, they couldn’t seem to keep or get customers. I started as a bookkeeper but ended up working my way up to manager and they eventually made me a managing partner. Why? Because I could translate the client’s needs and concerns into concepts the guys could understand and I could “soften” their techno-speak to so as not to “alienate” the people paying the bills! Again, I loved my job.

So, what did I find in translation? Love – I ended up marrying one of those three amazing programmers.



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