Discrimination Against Size Is A Reality

I applaud this woman and I hope she is successful in her fight. If she is, I hope other provinces, like my own, will take notice.

In 2014, I felt embarrassed and insulted when a doctor, who was operating to remove my gall bladder said that would have to wear a “surgical girdle” so that my excess weight didn’t burst his precious staples. He repeated the same thing after the surgery and my husband had to run to the drug store near the hospital to go buy the girdle.

I was also told once when I had a receptionist job that they wanted me to lose weight and take makeup lessons. I had actually taken drama makeup in high school and university, and got compliments on my regular makeup from many people. As for losing weight, I had already lost about 20 pounds when they mentioned it and at that point was only about 10 pounds from my goal.

An Edmonton woman has launched a petition asking the province to change the Alberta Human Rights Act to prevent discrimination against size.

via Edmonton woman wants size discrimination included in Alberta Human Rights Act —


14 Replies to “Discrimination Against Size Is A Reality”

    1. I have never aspired to be a runway model, but I have to say that I felt the pressure of my size for a long time. Now I try to control my weight for health reasons; however I will always be a “big” woman and I am proud of who I am. But obviously, with this woman’s petition all of society isn’t on board.

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      1. I am way too short to be a model (5’4″) is borderline petite/average + I’m a bit chubby, so finding clothing that fits is a challenge, but I’m very good at rehemming.
        I, for one, try to hydrate and eat sensibly for good health, but IMHO, those runway models usually look sickly… would never want to look like that.

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      2. I am 5’9″, long-legged, short-waisted , “front top-heavy, nicely padded in the back end. LOL. I exercise as I can with my conditions and try to eat as healthy as possible. My mother taught me to sew when I was 9 because I was already having problems getting clothes.

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      3. My grandma taught me to sew, and I wore homemade clothes for years … it was only after NAFTA made good fabric difficult to find that I tried to buy store-bought.
        The best exercise I’ve discovered that is also kind to my bad back is Callanetics – Callan Pinkney came up with them decades ago to help herself with her own back issues — these look simple and easy — to an extent, they are – they are deep muscle toning, so very effective. If you happen to be looking for exercises that are back-friendly, I highly recommend them .

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