Reblog – Happy 104th Birthday Jim Backus

Jim Backus was always one of my favourites. Besides the obvious two characters, he was in one of my favourite movies, “Pete’s Dragon”.

It is hard to believe he would be 104, but then again, Gilligan’s Island and Mr. Magoo were a long time ago and he wasn’t a young man when he played them.



Today is the 104th birthday of Jim Backus, everyone’s favorite millionaire shipwreck survivor.  Was I the only one that had the take away thought from “Gilligan’s Island” that money can’t buy everything?  Here he was, stranded on an island with his wife (they apparently brought trunk-loads of cash, jewelry, and clothing for a short afternoon boat ride) and they could not buy their way out of their situation.  I guess I sort of liked that thought.  That, and as Mr. Magoo, it was nice to know that blind people could still drive cars.  The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

jim backus

NAME: Jim Backus
OCCUPATION: Film Actor, Television Actor, Radio Personality, Writer
BIRTH DATE: February 25, 1913
DEATH DATE: July 03, 1989
EDUCATION: Kentucky Military Institute, American Academy of Dramatic Arts

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