How NOT To Use A Mandoline


First of all, just to be sure, I am talking about a mandoline, which is a manual kitchen slicer. A mandolin is an Asian stringed instrument! This was the joke of the day on Sunday.

Sunday was a day to relax. I had another rough night with pain and coughing but caught up on some sleep in the morning. I had laundry to do but the machines basically handle that and we planned to watch some TV or a movie.

I had been looking forward all week to having a block of time where I could experiment in the kitchen. I wanted to make a lasagna that both hubby and I could eat without triggering any of our food intolerances. It was all dancing in my head just begging to be made.

The first think I needed to do was work on the noodles. Since these were actually going to be slices of zucchini, I needed the mandoline. I have used these things hundreds of times over the years through school, catering and at home. I never used the guard and I never cut myself.

Well, there is a first for everything. I got through about four slices on the first zucchini and was doing great. Hubby mentioned something and I turned my head mid-slice. Boom! It happened that fast! I will spare the details here, except to say I sliced the tip of my finger badly enough we had to drop everything and head to emergency. A place I said I would never consciously go back to.

But this time everyone was great. There was no talking behind my back that I was just there for pain meds. I was sent to the “Fast Track” area, which is fairly new – to me anyway. It meant that we were in and out in just over two hours instead of eight or nine.

They froze my finger with so much freezing it was numb for over a day. I have a problem in that my blood doesn’t clot easily so they had a difficult time stopping it. But the nurse finally did and got it bandaged up.

Instead of my experimental intolerance-free lasagna, we ended up going to DQ and getting everything that we shouldn’t have! Then we went home and watched the Oscars.

The lasagna? Well, it will just have to wait for another time. If it works out I will have to post it as a Foodie Friday.

Oh, and the lesson learned? Next time when doing something thin and long like a zucchini, I will use the guard that comes with the mandoline!



3 Replies to “How NOT To Use A Mandoline”

  1. Ouch, nasty. We use a spiraliser that has suction feet so it doesn’t slip and your fingers don’t go anywhere near the blade. Hope it heals quickly. I caught the knuckle under my thumbnail on the door catch 10 days ago and every time it looks like it’s healing I catch it again!

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