Pirates, The Gambler, and Me!

Daily Prompt – Parlay

51nk43mcx1lopen-uri20150422-12561-wo8ofx_1ffb98d9I wasn’t going to write about today’s word because I just didn’t think I could parlay it into something I could write about. And guess what? I have already used it! But that is just for show – there is a better example of it to come.

When I was looking for a decent definition of parlay to share, I got everything from a mythical pirate law (Pirates of the Caribbean) to gambling, to taking one thing and making it something better.

Since Johnny Depp wasn’t available for a guest post and I am not much of a gambler, I decided to go with the last one.

Lately, I have been talking about dealing with my various mental and physical illnesses and people’s reaction to them. I have also read several blogs by other chronic illness writers and am finding other strategies for coping and, well, living!

The video that I shared yesterday featuring a TED Talk by Maysoon Zayid really moved me to my core.  The wild parallels of a family who never allowed her to think she couldn’t do something and the entertainment world afraid to cast a disabled person as a disabled person! So what did she do? She became a comedian.

Have I parlayed my challenges into something better? I definitely have to say YES!!!

  • I have used my experiences with being bullied, raped, abused, depressed, manic, suicidal, and more to mentor young women with similar problems.
  • I started this blog, at first just to tell stories of my life but it has morphed into advocating against stigma in the mental health and chronic health communities.
  • I plan to continue this advocacy in another website I am creating as an interactive information centre for people with chronic illness or people who want/need to educate themselves.
  • I have connected with many groups that have helped me know I am not alone and encouraged me to continue the battle. One group especially, The Chronic Illness Bloggers Network has been invaluable to me.
  • Through the Network, I have begun trying and reviewing products designed to help the chronically ill.

Like Maysoon Zayid, I can can.




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