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HoneyColony Equilibrium Honey and Herbal Superfood

Last year I did a review of Honey Colony’s Equilibrium Superfood. If you are interested in my original review on the product, you can find it here at A Superfood With Super Powers.

First I want to say that I find it no coincidence that on the day I started writing a post about Honey Colony and its co-founder, Maryam Henein, the Daily Prompt word was “swarm”. I also noted when researching her that she is a fellow Canadian though across the country from me in Quebec.

Maryam has long known the healing properties of honey and has used them to help cure her autoimmune deficiencies. But it is much deeper than that for her as I found out watching this trailer to her documentary “Vanishing of the Bees”.

This video, narrated by Ellen Page of Juno, tracks how the bees are heading for extinction and how this is impacting food crops which are dependent on the honey bees’ pollination. I am looking forward to ordering and watching this very impactful film. While many people are allergic to and/or afraid of bees, they are crucial in the natural scheme of things. You can purchase the film here for USD $15.00.

Maryam has been an investigative journalist for over 15 years. So, when she had symptoms that no doctor could diagnose, she went to the internet and did her own research. Through that searching, and seeing Naturopaths, the main diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus was made. Other challenges were added over time, which seems to be a common occurrence with chronic illness.

Besides our home country, I was amazed to find out that our health situations both happened years ago with a near death experience. She came back from a very serious car accident and an inferior medical system that did not meet her needs. That is when she decided to take things into her own hands. She wrote a book “Become Your Own Health Advocate” which I have read twice!

Getting back to the bees, Maryam feels like part of the hive. She has a sisterly bond with them that goes way beyond the film and the healing properties of their honey and bee pollen. I had a chance to ask her how this love affair with bees started.

I remember one afternoon, trudging up a hill and in a lot of pain. I still had the metal rod in my leg. I was feeling sorry for myself when I heard an ominous buzz. I looked to my left and there was a big black cloud heading straight at me. Before I could do anything the Swarm literally flew through me. Today I know that when the bees are in that mode, they are looking for a home and are therefore not very interested in me. However, it was a foreshadowing.
Two years later, in 2007, George Langworthy, who is the co-director of Vanishing of The Bees, told me about colony collapse disorder. He thought it would make a good documentary . At first the gravity of the situation didn’t really hit me . I remember spending an afternoon doing research online and it really resonated with me that the bees are a female society that work for the greater good. I felt that my work involved empowering other women and this resonated deeply with me. As does most of this ancient creatures symbolism. I am in so grateful to be in service to the honeybees and to impart their message. Days after i conducted research the bees literally flew into my life. I’ve had so many magical honey bee encounters.

The bees have opened my eyes to so many things. I believe that I carry bee medicine; I aspire to emulate many of their characteristics.I can go on and on about the magic of the bees and their meaning in this current day and age.

By default they have taught me about the food supply and hence about health. The substances they make, be it honey or royal jelly, are truly magical and medicinal. Ten years have gone by since colony collapse disorder was first reported in the United States.
Today my message is that we are the bees. What is happening to them, is happening to us. Slow insidious sublethal doses due to our increasingly toxic planet. It’s truly time to be the change we want to see. As Erin Brockovich recently told me in an interview, ‘Superman is not coming.’
Maryam Henein & her beloved Bees

I really believe in the Equilibrium Superfood and so I am now promoting it here on my site. Click on the link in my sidebar (or the banner below) to learn more about this powerful product and to order. I want to try other products in the HoneyColony line and as I do I will pass the information on to you as well.

I agree with Maryam. Bees are wonderful little creatures who have a huge purpose in the ecosystem. They need our help to survive so they can produce the foods that keep us healthy.


HoneyColony Equilibrium Honey and Herbal Superfood


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