Diagnostic Mammography – A Bit Bigger Squeeze

breastCancerLast week I dedicated a post to my screening mammogram. I felt it important to get the message out there that this is something women over 40 should do – for themselves and for their loved ones.

What I didn’t report was that I got a call two days later that they wanted me in for a diagnostic mammogram (pinches a lot more) and an ultrasound. Apparently, the original scan caught something and they wanted to follow up. So, in the middle of all the house showings on Friday, I went in for more tests. I figured it was just a false positive that would prove to be nothing under the stronger “microscope”.

I saw a little spot on the screen and the technician said it was probably just a small cyst. Since I have been prone to cysts on my ovaries in the past, I wasn’t surprised and figured that was the extent of the problem.

At the same time, they booked the extra tests they booked an appointment for yesterday with the doctor to go over the results. I was thinking this was kind of a waste of everyone’s time, especially since it made things difficult if Hubby was to come with me (which he did) as we needed Violet out of the house for an inspection while we were gone. We ended up putting her in the office and she howled for 2 hours, poor thing.

I am telling this part of my story for the same reason I have shared other personal things in my life. I believe that the Lord is taking me down these paths so I can help at least one person go through similar things.

We waited over a half hour past our appointment time at the breast clinic. Women were coming in for scans, check-ups, biopsies, everything to do with breast health.

When we were finally escorted into a room, I was instructed to take off my top and put on a gown. The doctor would be in shortly. I thought this was a little strange because I was just here for the results. The doctor came in moments later, examined me while telling me that the ultrasound had not identified the problem but the two mammograms definitely picked up something on the left side. She briefly explained what was next and left as quickly as she arrived. A very busy doctor in a very busy clinic.

So now I have to wait a couple of months for an MRI with contrast dye to make sure there is nothing serious. I will see the doctor again a week later.

As I said to my friend, Dee, last night, I do have a peace about this. I am not thinking positively that there is nothing wrong nor am I freaking out that I might have the same type of cancer that many women in my family have had. I have the peace that comes from knowing this decision is in God’s hands. He knows why and what will happen and that is good enough for me.

So, I will report back when I know more. In the meantime, I hope my story and my handling of it will encourage others, female and male, to look after their bodies and get any screening tests that are available.



16 Replies to “Diagnostic Mammography – A Bit Bigger Squeeze”

  1. You sound so calm and at peace, may the results be negative. I know God’s grace will be sufficient to sustain you whatever the outcome.

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  2. Try not to stress and worry. It’s not worth worrying until you know something. ❤ I have the BRCA + gene so I have to go every 6 months.

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    1. Oh, I am not stressed or worried at all. That is what I am trying to put forward. We will deal with whatever comes when it comes. I have not been tested but most likely do have the gene. I am at peace – there are too many other stresses in my life to worry about something that I can’t do anything about yet. Thanks for your encouragement and I hope all goes well with you!

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  3. Stay strong and whatever comes your way you and your family will get through it together. I admire you for sharing your story with us and I hope its the doctors just being overly cautious and there is nothing to worry about.

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