“We Are The Champions”

Daily Prompt – Champion


While Hubby and I were watching the Knock-Out Rounds of the Voice last night, one of the young male contestants mentioned that he had Tourette Syndrome. He said that while playing the guitar or singing he didn’t tic at all.

A young man whom I have known since he was born found the same thing when he played the piano or was in an intense game on the Wii. He is now in his second term of apprenticeship as an auto mechanic. I couldn’t be more proud if he was my own son. He and his brother are both that way.

I have recently featured videos of a young man reciting his poem about love and OCD, and a comedienne with cerebral palsy who uses it in her humour in an attempt to remove stigma.

I have known two people who were born with severe spina bifida and were not supposed to survive their first day. While their lives have never been easy they are both still with us, one around 40 and the other just over 60. They both competed in various sports and did well.

My father’s aunt had two sons in the 1920’s who were born with down syndrome. The older died very young; however, the other survived into his late 60’s and was raised by his mother at home and then looked after by his sisters. He never went into any institution until a couple of years before his passing when he entered a care home.

I am surrounded by talented writers all over the blogosphere who have some form(s) of invisible illness, whether it be physical or mental or both. They share about their struggles and triumphs, vent about frustrations and hope they can help someone going through the same thing.

I know there are so many stories out there just in my little world that I can’t remember them all (partly due to my own challenges fogging my memory) so please do not feel slighted if I missed you.

For that matter, everyone, whether you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition or not, is a champion. We all go through things in life that others aren’t aware of. That’s just life. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate it!




14 Replies to ““We Are The Champions””

      1. You are a champion you know – not only for living the life you do but for having the courage to tell your story. A lot of people have viewed that and even if they don’t put a like or comment, they can’t helped but be touched by it. ❤

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      2. Oh thank you so much Lydia. I’m honored that you gave me the opportunity to share it.


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