All That We Share

A friend shared this video from Denmark and it really captured my heart. It literally puts people into boxes and then brings them out under categories like class clown or those who had sex this last week. The premise being we are more alike than we think.

I was a little surprised that of all the boxes and groups, mental or physical illness was not mentioned at all. However, I am sure that it wasn’t a slight – there are so many other groups as well, they couldn’t get to them all.

It would be interesting to see this same thing done in other countries to see not only what similarities and diversities they have, but also the categories they use.

Any thoughts?



5 Replies to “All That We Share”

  1. Hello Lydia 🙂

    You had me at “Denmark”! LOOOL On a serious note, I’ve seen this thought provoking video a little while back… And I don’t think the issues of physical and mental illness were really overlooked, it was a short video, and I am guessing they just had to choose from a wider series of questions the participants were asked…

    But one thing is for sure… There would be a lot of people on both those group pictures!

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂 Have a lovely day!! xx


    1. I wrote this post late and while tired. As Derrick pointed out there are a lot of things left out. I think what they picked are very current things. Oh, and I thought of you when I realized it was from Denmark :-)!

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