It’s A Happy Easter And More!


Easter Sunday has two very special meanings for me.

First and foremost, of course, it represents Christ’s resurrection. For me, this is the third most important day on the calendar as a Christian following His birth and death. I haven’t been able to make an Easter Sunday service in quite awhile; however, I celebrate in my own ways and I know He understands.

The second important thing about Easter Sunday is that 16 years ago my best friend, business partner and love of my life asked me to marry him. I will ignore the fact that it took me being in a pretty bad car accident where they had to use the jaws of life to get me out of my vehicle and 10 years to do it! 😉

It really wasn’t Hubby that was the problem, it was me. Because of life and my very low self-esteem, I never wanted to marry in the first place. However, loneliness kicked in and when a man from my church started paying attention to me, I fell for him hook, line, and sinker.

I realized on our wedding day that maybe I was making a mistake, but people just told me it was nerves. Three days later, I was positive that this was wrong. But I said my vows in front of my friends and family and, of course, God. For me, the commitment of “Until death do us part” was very important.

That same day my current Hubby called to see if I could do an update on the manual I had written for him. I explained I had just gotten married and didn’t have a working computer so was unavailable. The truth was if I had accepted, I knew that this man beside me would not tolerate me spending time with another man.

I don’t want to go through the ordeal of my first marriage, at least not right now. Safe to say, after five years I realized that the “Until death do us part” could actually become a reality and I left, staying at a safe house for a month before finding a place to call home.

When this wonderful man whom I had written for and become first a bookkeeper and then business partner started becoming more than that to me, I told him I was not going to marry a second time. He accepted that, at least for awhile.

On that Easter Sunday, when I got home from the hospital and was resting, things changed. He had waited in the Emergency waiting room for three hours not knowing how serious my injuries were. During that time, he says he was able to see what it would have been like if he lost me.

So, after getting me settled at my home, he took my hand and said, “I am not prepared for this (meaning no ring), but will you marry me?”

We joke that it was the morphine; however, I know that it was the Lord bringing my heart back to life. Every bit of hurt, mistrust and low self-esteem left my body. I looked into his beautiful eyes and knew that everything was going to be alright. And, I said, “Yes!”

Things have not been easy, but here it is, 16 years later and I am more in love with this man each day. Just as I am more in love with the Lord every day.

Happy Ressurection Day, Happy Easter, and to my beloved husband, Happy Engagement Day!



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